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Nudify Apps: A Cautionary Tale for Newbies

Hello, everyone! Today, let's talk about creating apps like DeepNude. I'll share my observations and nuances, especially focusing on competitor analysis.

1. Diving into DeepNude:

Ten years ago, my curiosity led me to immerse myself in the world of traffic and SEO. I created over 50 projects, never imagining I'd end up interested in the adult niche, eventually choosing projects like DeepNude. Now, I'm reviewing and analyzing competitor apps. It's quite fascinating. I believe such apps can generate substantial revenue and attract a significant amount of traffic. The traffic is primarily from SEO and paid sources, making it a relatively untapped field.

2. Ethics of Developing Such Apps:

Instead of concentrating on the ethical aspects of app development, developers of such apps are entirely absorbed by the product. Who wouldn't be fascinated by the idea of creating a DeepNude-like app for some easy earnings?

3. Backlash:

As the popularity of the first app grew, so did the backlash, forcing the initial developer to shut down the app. A mix of criticism, legal issues, and the realization of ethical consequences hit them like a thunderstorm out of a clear sky. It was akin to waking up with a hangover after a wild night, plus a thunderstorm. The developer had to retreat, desperately trying to salvage some dignity.

4. Lessons from the Past for Present Developers:

It seems the folks currently in the top 10-20 on Google know how to navigate the legal and ethical aspects of this business, something the first creator of such an app failed to do. Dozens of such apps are visible in Google's search results.

For newcomers in the app development world, my advice is simple: choose projects wisely, prioritize ethics over earnings, and always be prepared for the consequences of your creations. Remember, the best lessons often come from the most unexpected and sometimes unpleasant experiences.

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